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Staffing Solutions

Tecignite’s primary focus is to have people with the right skill at the right time to enable our clients to have capable qualified professionals or personnel to complete short-term and long-term requirements of projects.
The Tecignite Staffing Solutions Options
•    Contract staffing: Where staff are employed on a contract basis for both long and short periods. Longer term periods can be indefinite.
•    Flexible Staffing: This model is designed for clients who may need to occasionally augment their staff complement during peak periods
•    Project Staffing: Where staff are employed to enable an organisation to complete a project. Staffing is project linked.
•    Temporary Staffing: Staff is provided in those instances where our clients need to replace a member of staff away for a short period of time e.g. maternity leave, sick leave, study leave etc.

•    All of the administration for the contract hires is handled by Tecignite which includes their monthly payroll processing, benefits and statutory requirements.
•    Outsourcing provides a variable workforce for our clients to select from to perform specific projects or complete specialised projects.
•    Our clients are able to augment their capacity and capability as they are able to scale up as needed and access specialised skills not required on a permanent basis.
•    Our clients have access to professionals and experts thereby enhancing competitiveness through increased agility and speed of response to changing market demands.
•    Outsourced staffing provides flexibility as it enables our clients to maintain a core group of full-time employees and yet have flexible staffing options with contract and temporary workers.

 Areas of Offering
•    Atlassian Jira
•    Mobile Application Developers
•    Middleware Administrator
•    Business Intelligence & Analytics