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Business Intelligence and Analytics

The mission of business intelligence in any organization is to support business users in their endeavour to make decisions faster – with the knowledge that they are taking those decisions on the basis of trusted information. It is also imperative that the organizations are able to provide infrastructure and capability that brings the decision making process closer to the point of decision, required at the right time, right place and in the right format.
Tecignite helps companies transform their traditional reporting solution into a decision making capability. We deliver and manage data warehousing, data modelling, business analytics dashboards, reporting applications & Self-Serve Business Intelligence Solutions that provide improved performance and tangible business benefits.
Many organizations have deployed Business Intelligence (BI) solutions to support their decision process. However, despite several years using Business Intelligence techniques, most companies still face key challenges related to the management of information. Users cannot access the right information in a timely manner or in the right context; different BI tools are accessing various data sources; data is inconsistent; data silos exist across disparate systems; data volumes continue to grow exponentially; unreliable forecasts are produced, regulatory compliance is a challenge.
Tecignite vision is that Business Intelligence has to be applied across the whole organization. This is because they are strategic in nature and require a close interaction between IT and the business, as well as strong governance to help identify, deliver and maintain the organization’s BI strategy.
Tecignite can help you structure your BI initiatives and achieve your business targets.


Informatica is a leader in the Data Integration space with products spanning across Data Integration, Data Exchange, Data Quality Management, Metadata Management, Master Data Management and Information Lifecycle Management to support organization’s integration and data management needs. Tecignite with a systematic approach helps customers overcome the implementation challenges for deploying Informatica products and derive optimal benefits . We offer strategy-to-execution services and mature solutions which help our customers leverage Informatica technology effectively to integrate and manage business information and drive results.


Architecture, Installation and Configuration of Informatica product suite

Enterprise Services:

Data Integration Combining critical data from disparate sources and formats (structured and unstructured) for a unified view of data assets.
Data Governance Ensuring clients can trust their data through data discovery, profiling, MDM, and data lineage/archiving.
Data Migration Tools and methods to migrate your data more quickly with lower cost and risk.
Data Quality Proactive data quality monitoring and data cleansing enabling both business and IT to collaborate toward ensuring trustworthy data across the enterprise.
Master Data Management Providing a single, timely, and relevant view of results (Customer, Product, Patient Master).
Testing Services System, Functional, Regression, Load, and Performance testing.
Training Services Full range of training to help you maximize the value of your Informatica Platform.


Tecignite provides a targeted set of services to get you on the Tableau fast track and unlock your data. Whether you need to get up to speed quickly, deliver a complex solution, or are struggling with data we can help.

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